It's Just Vapor
by Bill Brinkworth

"O LORD, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps." Jeremiah 10:23

On through the mist the boat journeyed. The wisps of fog were not going to ruin my fishing trip. Soon the curls of cloud obscured the view of land.

I was not going to panic. Just be-fore the last glimpse of our starting point I stopped, pointed the boat toward our destination, and took the compass setting. From that sightless moment, we looked forward into the gloom for obstacles and steered to the proper compass setting.

It was not long before I got to the end of the lake. There was no fog at that end. By just following the proper magnetic guidance, I arrived not far from where I had intended to be. Following the compass worked.

At that clear end of the lake, there still remained some small wisps. They were well off the lake, but their layered tufts were still blocking an almost perfect, sunshiny day.

As I looked up at the patches, it became clear that all the trouble, scariness, and confusion I had just traveled through were caused by only water vapor. A little mist between me and the sun would have stopped me from my destination, if it were not for the guidance of the compass.

I can't help but think of so many Christians that got off life's course because of a little of its unclearness. If only they would open, read, and follow God's Word. It is His compass for life and will direct them, if they would follow. They would have less heart-aches, fewer destroyed lives and make fewer mistakes. We should not be discouraged and frightened by a little bit of vapor. God will guide us through; using His Word as our compass.

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