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To find out how to be saved please read "God Loves You" a short message on salvation.

Quips, Quotes, & Pithy Sayings collected from a multitude of sources over the years these have been used in our church bulletin. In addition they have been used as tag lines for letters and emails. I will add to this collection as time permits.

The Other Side of the Tracks by Brother Norman Gartin, a thougth from the past. available in PDF format

Keep the Temple Clean by Bill Brinkworth, article taken from "The Bible View" on being a living temple.

The Dairyman's Daughter is the true account of the life of Betsey Wallbridge, a young woman who lived on the Isle of Wight, in the English Channel. She died there at an early age, in 1801.

Elitism an article on the dangers of elitism by Brother Gartin.

In God's Timing by Ron Walters, an article about perfect timing.

Shame! Shame! by Bill Brinkworth, article on the dangers of wrong education.

The Parable of The Sower a brief look at the one who sows.

God Bless America – Required Reading! a patriotic viewpoint

A Call To Prayer 17 page booklet by J.C. Ryle (also availabe in our pdf library)

Catching Monkeys by Bill Brinkworth, a warning of the dangers of sin.

The Romantic History of Bible Names taken from the book "All the Men of the Bible" by Dr. Herbert Lockyer (1886-1984) This will not be available in PDF as I recommend getting the whole book as an excellent resource.

It's Only Vapor another article by Bill Brinkworth that will help direct your path on your spiritual journey.

Why Does the Brook of Blessing Run Dry? by Barbara Brinkworth, an easy to read explaination of why somethings may have/or will happen

The Sovereignty of God a short comparison of Calvinism and Armenism

The Blood Atonement A Fundamental Doctrine of the Christian Faith

"Whosoever gets the Son." an excellent illustration of our need for the Son.

Can You Believe This? article on the reliability of the Bible

I am the flag of the United States of America a celebration of our national heritage as symbolized by our nations flag. (this is a PDF file)

The Dating Dilemma (a must read for parents)

The Folly Of Hyper-Calvinism

Seven Mysteries –A mystery revealed in the New Testament is a truth veiled in the Old Testament.

Exploding the Myth of "Good Friday" a Bible lesson containing a simple charted timeline of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A Different Point of View both humorous and pointed, good for everyone to read, parents should be able to identify to some degree.

The Guest Pastor - very touching story

Bread Is On The Rise a little tongue in cheek look at statistics

The Triune Makeup Of Man a brief and helpful Bible study.

The Dash Of Life a poem to make you think and to question the value of your life.

A Godly Garden heard at a ladies meeting and worth sharing, not a bad read for men too.

The Brake Is On! article taken from "The Bible View" that made me consider the message I was sending to new believers.

"Dear Liberal Friend" ~ an open letter from the editor of "The Bible View"

How To Find The Perfect Church an article by Dr. Robert E. Bliss

He Is God a poetic statement of faith, worth the time it takes to read.

Obstacles God Puts Forth by Bill Brinkworth

3 Priorities In The Christian's Life a lesson prepared by Dr. Bliss

Anatomy of the Messiah


Bible Version Comparison Chart

Bible Version Quick Comparison Five of the most common versions compare 30 salient verses (pdf) format only.

Chart of King David's and Saul's relationships excellent study help! available in pdf format

A Simple Tongues Chart provided by an Australian friend, Bro. Mick Alexander (pdf) format only.

Chart answering the question "Was Jesus born on December 25th an easy to understand answer! available in pdf format

Bilingual-Genesis 1-Creation Chart graphic representation of creation for ease of understanding

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